093 - Comedian Trey Baker

The Nixons, socks, asking ourselves ‘are we evil?’, Colorado adventures, Neil deGrasse Tyson’s voice, and much more. We are joined by Trey Baker, a comedian and new friend of 2AD. This episode marks the beginning of our first sponsor, The Plowshare, a bar coming soon to OKC. More info to come in the future!

Make sure to check out Trey Baker on twitter @TreyBakerCorp

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092 - Brother Gruesome

Uncle Boner, Mutually Assured Destruction, ‘The Twins’, Choomfest, the list goes on and on. Todd and Levi from Brother Gruesome stopped by to talk about their new album and much more. We also get a rare, acoustic performance. Then we eat some delicious El Rancho salsa.

Be sure to check out BG @ brothergruesome.bandcamp.com

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091 - Richard Wells and Scott Johnson of Starbase Studios

Boldly go where some people have gone before… This week we sit down with Richard Wells & Scott Johnson of Starbase Studios, a replica Star Trek film set located here in Oklahoma. We talk about the origins of SBS, pinballin’, the Bard of Taco Bell, ‘Normcore’, and more!

Be sure to check out SBS at starbasestudios.net

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090 - Andon Whitehorn

After a day of playing pinball for Robby’s birthday, we sat down with Andon Whitehorn, a musician, chef, and a friend of both 2AD and Dust House Studio. We talked about 2AD turning 2 years old, greener grass, cig puffin’ trashers, Slash vs. Chris Gaines, and much more!

This episode also marks the return of our friend Phil, who was a staple on some of our very first shows.

Be sure to check out Andon’s band, Idre, at www.idre.bandcamp.com

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Ep. 89 up now!

Two Average Dicks Ep. 89 - Daniel Foulks

Join us as we sit down with one of our favorite people in the world, Daniel Foulks. Daniel is a musician, friend, spirit guide and all around great guy. We talk about going from the classroom to the tour bus, believing in yourself, the good ol’ days in Norman, Hotel Gunk, Rock Riot, and more.

Be sure to check out Daniel’s work on Parker Millsap’s new album @ parkermillsap.com

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Two Average Dicks Ep. 88 - Comedian Jeramy Westbrook

Plumber by day, Comedian by night, all around cool dude 24/7. We get a chance to sit down with Jeramy Westbrook to talk about strip club comedy, plumb life, getting ripped off on Craigslist, the ultimate Larry Bird fan and crack baby giveaways.

Be sure to check out Jeramy on twitter @jeramywestbook

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Two Average Dicks Ep. 87 - Chase Kerby and Michael Trepagnier

This week we sit down with Chase Kerby and Michael Trepagnier of Defining Times. We discuss NRBs, going back to school, pop punk, Lester Fixin’s Bacon Soda, and more! Chase also performs in studio. Beautiful stuff.

Be sure to check out chasekerby.bandcamp.com and definingtimes.bandcamp.com

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